How do you get a job in the emerging medical marijuana industry in PA?   Follow the lead of some of the earliest winners!

Last summer, in 2016, a handful of pioneers joined the Green Rush Advisors course for Career Seekers and Business Owners.    The course was staffed by an 8 year veteran of Colorado’s dispensary industry, a physician with detailed knowledge of the endocannabinoid system, an attorney and a seasoned business entrepreneur.   All of the instructional modules were recorded in an online format.   The course was supported by in-person sessions.

Following the course, course founder and startup advisor Skip Shuda joined one of his business owner students in attending the 2016 Marijuana Business Expo in Las Vegas.   The show was full of PA entrepreneurs planning to apply in early 2017 for a PA Medical Marijuana license.   Over 10,000 people attended the show along with Skip and his student.   Shortly after that, Skip joined Chamounix Ventures and helped form KeystoneShops (formerly Keystone Dispensaries), one of the highest ranked dispensary permit recipients (Chamounix Ventures/Keystone Dispensaries ranked 8th in the state out of 27 permit recipients).   The Dispensary Manager who is an instructor in the Green Rush Advisors course also joined the team along with another Green Rush Advisors student.   In all, four participants from the original Green Rush Advisors course are now working on one of the first dispensaries to launch in Pennsylvania.

Now you can learn the same details that led to this team’s success.  The Career Seekers course is only $99 and can be followed at your own pace from the convenience of your home.   It covers an overview of the PA law, the industry, the endocannabinoid system, the interview process, working in the industry and much more.  The video below tells you more about this course.

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The Business Owners course is $199 and includes the PA Law overview, tools for creating a business pitch deck, developing marketing personas for the cannabis industry, creating traction in your business and much more.   Based on Skip’s decades of experience as an entrepreneurial coach, this course covers the tools you’ll need to launch a successful business in the medical marijuana space – or any of the many ancillary businesses like marketing, security, accounting and much more.

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