A PA-Specific Course for Those Seeking to Create a Business in PA's Medical Cannabis Market

Learn from our faculty including an MD cannabinoid specialist, Dispensary Operator, Attorney, RN and CEO


Green Rush Advisors is now offering the online modules for its course for building your cannabis business. This online course provides you with starter business pitch decks, financials and business tools that support you in building your unique cannabis business.  The content is geared towards applicants seeking a license, but can be used by any business seeking to get a headstart.

  • Build your business plan by first creating your target personas and your pitch deck
  • Save thousands in consulting dollars by preparing your plan in advance of the PA applications being released
  • Use proven tools that generate results
  • Let us do the legwork and initial research for you, allowing you to focus on making your plan exceptional

This course is a recorded set of modules that explain the foundation for building a cannabis-related business in PA. Green Rush Advisors has assembled a powerful, experienced cannabis business team including:

Jason Mitchell, an experienced dispensary operations manager with 7 years of cannabis business experience in Colorado

Skip Shuda, award-winning entrepreneur, startup CEO and 10 year instructor at the Wharton Small Business Development Center

Donna Ross, an experienced attorney who will be spearheading our zoning and regulations guidance

Dr. Joseph Morgan, our expert in cannabis medicine and science.   He holds a patent in cannabinoid treatment and will help you understand how cannabis  helps with PA’s medical conditions

Theresa White, RN – a successful CEO of a medical infusion business and a consultant to cannabis industry entrepreneurs

Check out the full team biographies here.

Our course is designed to provide you with in-depth, PA specific, actionable content that is taught by experienced cannabis business operators and successful startup entrepreneurs.   Professional consulting firms from Colorado and California charge $25,000, $50,000 or more to provide the guidance you’ll receive in this course. We know the cannabis business AND we know PA!


Improve your chances of getting a license through our course – and build the foundation for a successful cannabis business in PA.

This Course Includes:

  • PA Law Overview – what’s allowed, what’s not,  licensing costs, number of allowed permits, conditions covered, market projections, hurdles and risks
  • PA Regulations Briefing (updated monthly) – update on temporary regulations, street intelligence from the front lines, important take-aways updated monthly throughout the course
  • Dispensary OR Grower OR Lab Certification – provided by Cannabis Training Insitute (certification course)
  • Business Toolkit Overview – Sample Dispensary Pitch Deck, Sample Income Statement, Sweet Spot Analysis, Sounding Board, Persona-based Target Marketing, PA Maps, Value Proposition Worksheet, Traction Evaluator, Website Checklist
  • Branding & Marketing – Why it matters, Creating Personas, Defining Your Brand, Communicating Your Intentions, Successful Cannabis Brands, Reaching Cannabis Consumers
  • Investor Planning – Classes of Investors, Target Amounts for Cannabis Businesses, Pitching Approaches and Venues, Creating Traction, Deal Structures
  • PA Cannabis Geography, Location, Zoning, Site Selection – Act 16 Regulations, PA Maps, Local Zoning Issues, Site Selection
  • Creating a Winning Application in PA – Requirements, Best Practices, A Winning Team, Gaining an Advantage, Your Sounding Board & Review Team
  • Banking, Insurance and Taxes – Current Situation, 280e and Taxes, Inusrance in the Cannabis Space
  • Staffing & Recruiting – State Requirements, Typical Roles to be Filled, Identifying Ideal Candidates, Sourcing Candidates, Screening Process, Creating a Sustainable Culture

BONUS #1: Patients and the Plant – industry overview, experiences from a dispensary and more about medical guidance

BONUS #2: The endocannabinoid system with Dr. Joseph Morgan, MD


Skip has built a powerful library of startup tools that he’s used with entrepreneurs to gain traction, sharpen their focus and deliver results.  I’ve personally benefited from these tools – and his guidance has helped me achieve success is my career. Yasmine Mustafa - Tech Disruptor Award, Philadelphia Business Journal

CEO, ROARforGood

As one of the first available in PA, this was thorough and allowed for great learning of this new industry!

Career Seekers Course Graduate

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The genuine interest each member of Green Rush Advisors team has in each of the students and their dedication to legitimizing medicinal marijuana gives me the confidence I chose the best course!

Career Seekers Course Student

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The Only PA-Specific, Multi-topic Cannabis Business Course Available for License Applicants & Ancillary Businesses

tuition_iconCourse Tuition: $199.00

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This Business Building Course for Cannabis Business Owners Includes:

  • 18 Hours of Targeted PA MMJ Business Training
  • More then 6 Proven Business Building Templates & Tools
    • Pitch Deck
    • Dispensary Financials
    • Investor Readiness Diagnostic
    • Website Checklist
    • Personas
  • Recorded Lessons from Experienced Team including Startup Coach, MD with Cannabinoid Fellowship, Attorney, Experienced Dispensary & Grow Facility Operator and more (Check out our Bios!)

BONUS #1: Patients and the Plant – A Dispensary Operator explains the industry and day to day (2 parts)

BONUS #2: The Endocannabinoid System – A medical doctor trained in cannabis medicine gives an overview of how cannabis relieves the 17 medical conditions recognized in PA for cannabis treatment

Avoid the cost of high-priced application consultants through this powerful business platform.   Get the education, research and guidance that you need to create a successful business in the cannabis space.


Looking to get into the industry, but not own a business?

Check out our Cannabis Career Builder Course