PA Cannabis Career Builder Course

The Only PA-Specific, Cannabis Career Course available for People Seeking Work in the Cannabis Industry

Course Tuition: $99.00

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These are the PA Specific modules and include a Career Seekers Toolkit, The Patients and the Plant, Landing the Job, PA Law Overview and more!

Several Hours of Targeted PA MMJ Career Training

Career Seekers Toolkit, Patients and the Plant, The Endocannabinoid System with Dr. Joseph Morgan, Landing the Job, PA Law Update with Regulations Briefings

Learn from Experienced Team

Learn from Experienced Team including Startup Coach, Attorney, Experienced Dispensary & Grow Facility Operator and more (Check out our Bios!)


Once you register, you’ll be given access to a Coupon for 10% off certification courses from the Americans for Safe Access and the Cannabis Training Institute.

Green Rush Advisors is now offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to begin planning your cannabis career.

  • Create a strong resume
  • Learn what you can do today to improve your odds of landing the job
  • Get guidance from our team of experts

This course is a combination of in-person coaching and online learning. Green Rush Advisors has assembled a powerful, experienced cannabis business team including:

Jason Mitchell, an experienced dispensary operations manager with 7 years of cannabis business experience in Colorado

Skip Shuda, award-winning entrepreneur, startup CEO and 10 year instructor at the Wharton Small Business Development Center

Donna Ross, an experienced attorney who will be spearheading our zoning and regulations guidance

Dr. Joseph Morgan, our expert in cannabis medicine and science.   He holds a patent in cannabinoid treatment and will help you understand how cannabis  helps with PA’s medical conditions

Check out the full team biographies here.

Our course is designed to provide you with in-depth, PA specific, actionable content that is taught by experienced cannabis business operators and successful startup entrepreneurs.  We know the cannabis business AND we know PA!

Improve your chances of landing a job in the cannabis industry – and build the foundation for a successful cannabis career in PA.

This Course Includes:

  • Career Seekers Toolkit – find your sweet spot, career anchors, building a sounding board, resume strengthening worksheet
  • PA Law Overview – what’s allowed, what’s not,  licensing costs, number of allowed permits, conditions covered, market projections, hurdles and risks
  • PA Regulations Briefing (includes two updates) – update on temporary regulations, street intelligence from the front lines, important takeaways updated monthly throughout the course
  • Patients, the ECS and the Plant – the plant, meeting patients where they are, educating without overwhelming, from plant to process – an flowchart of processing steps, PA’s conditions and how cannabis helps, starting points and case studies
  • Landing the Job – the state requirements, jobs found in cannabis industry, basic qualifications, setting yourself apart, overcoming stigma, steps you can take today

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