PA Medical Marijuana Act 16 Overview

With Green Rush Advisors Skip Shuda,  Donna Ross, Esquire and Joseph Morgan, MD

Find Out About the New Medical Marijuana Laws in PA – Size, Cost, Conditions, Trends and Predictions

This webinar series covers the the basics of the bill and explain what this new industry will look like including:
– the list of qualified medical conditions
– the number of business licenses that will be allowed
– limitations on the cannabis product and
– new legal doorways for getting into this industry.

In addition, it includes two updates based on the newly released updates, related documents and regulation status of the PA Department of Health, which is overseeing the program.   These updates outline the participating medical systems, the safe harbor regulations, grower/processor regulations, application requirements and much more.

As a bonus, we’re offering course registrants a coupon worth 10% off on certification courses from Cannabis Training Institute and Americans for Safe Access.


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This is a moment to be celebrated.  First, we celebrate for the long-waiting patients of Pennsylvania who can benefit from a comprehensive medical cannabis law.  Second, we celebrate for all residents of Pennsylvania. This law is an important step in ending marijuana prohibition, reviving our economy, healing social injustices and creating opportunities for new careers.

This Webinar Includes:

  • What does the new PA Law allow?
  • The Patients: Conditions and Ingestion Formats
  • The Farmers: Grower/Processor Licenses and Costs
  • The Retailers: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
  • The Scientists: Medical Marijuana Laboratories
  • The Green Rush: Facts and Figures from other states – and what PA can learn
  • July Regulation Updates Overview
  • August Regulation Updates Overview
  • BONUS: All participants will receive a 10% discount coupon for access to certification courses from Cannabis Training Institute and the Americans for Safe Access


Watch all three PA Act 16 Summary videos now for just $25

Purchase the Act 16 Summary Now

Snapshots from the Three Act 16 Summary Videos


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