#DecrimPA – It’s Time to End Cannabis Prohibition!

PA Marijuana Reform has been slowly making its way through PA House of Representatives!  Despite the best efforts of bi-partisan PA legislators and a willing Governor, just a few PA lawmakers in high places are blocking desperately needed medical marijuana bills.   But those stubborn lawmakers cannot stop PA citizens from decriminalizing marijuana town by town.

Did you know? Philadelphia and Pittsburgh already have Decriminalization acts on the books!

(Read our Five Reasons to Decriminalize in PA)

Now it’s Your Turn!

Inspired by the success of Decriminalization in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, a group of activists PA ready Gray PHL PITacross PA are banding together to take decriminalization to PA town by town.   Sign up to:

  • Learn the steps that have helped decriminalization efforts in other towns
  • Connect to activists who are volunteering to lead a decriminalization workshop/meetup in your community
  • Gain a support network as you move decriminalization forward in your coumminty

Let’s show Harrisburg legislators that you can’t hold back people-power!

Imagine if 6, 12, 20 or more towns across Pennsylvania decriminalized small amounts of cannabis.   Towns will save money.  Police will focus on real crimes.  We’ll end the criminalizing of people who enjoy – or need for their health – a naturally growing plant.   And it sends a potent message to Harrisburg … change is a comin’!

Join the #DecrimPA campaign.

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